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You have the power to heal your life, you need to know that.  We think so often that we are helpless, but we're not.  We always have the power of our minds... Claim and consciously use your power.

Louise Hay



Would you like to learn more about essential oils and what they can do for you?  To set up a one on one consultation please fill out the below form and make subject 'essential oils info'.  Please provide a phone number as well in your message so I can reach back out to you to schedule your in person or virtual appointment.


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2nd Floor - Office/Therapy Room

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Health and Wellness are my Path and my Passion

I am an instructor, an entrepreneur, and a peaceful warrior. I am also priviledged to have carried 5 beautiful souls each of which went on to teach me; taking me to limits I did not know could be crossed.

I practice the ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE as I know nothing should be taken for granted. I bring to you my experiences and my energy in the hope of making a positive change in your lives.

I am a graduate of the Hackensack Academy of Massage Therapy and a Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor from Integral Yoga Institute in Fairlawn, NJ. My specialties include Reflexology, Compression, Swedish, Reiki, Cranial Myo-Fascial stretching, and Sciatic nerve release (most usually done side-lying) combined with pranic breathing for positive results.

I'm certified in Contemporary Cupping Methods by the International Cupping Therapy Association. I am also certified with cupping also known as Kuppa-Decompressive Release Techniques for conditions such as Sciatica , Trigger Point Pain, Myofascial Release and so much more.

As a Hatha Yoga instructor, breathing practice is also discussed and encouraged. I have also been certified as a Qi Gong Instructor with Jeff Primack of Supreme Science Qi Gong Center.

Additionally as an Air Force Veteran, I am able to assist fellow Veterans to better manage symptoms of PTSD with these very same tools. I have created customized massage sessions that fuse the modalities I practice into, pure energy healing sessions. I look forward to having you meet my team of talented therapists who will also assist you in experiencing your "Energy Connection".


(201) 754-2632


357 Prospect Avenue

Hackensack NJ United States 07601

2nd Floor - Office/Therapy Room

Main Floor - Yoga and Mommy & Me Classes