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Wellness Advocate - Holly Gionni

I live in New Jersey, known as the 'Garden State' and so Garden State of Wellness is a play on that while pursuing a ‘state of wellness’ in my life.  I’ve learned that one must return to the garden to support good health and create more balance and wellness in their life.  Whether you grow the food yourself or it’s locally grown, or you buy at the store from someone else’s garden, the foundation of good nutrition is found right here.  

Essential Oils are from nature’s garden and a gift, offering us a natural way to support our bodies and our minds.  I have personally experienced such empowerment by returning to the garden and I invite you to come along to discover the power of plants. 

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Follow my journey here,  it's a culmination of making lifestyle choices over the last six years with the aim of creating a more wellness oriented home for my family.  I left a corporate job of 15 years to be present in my own life and pursue dreams of entrepreneurship.   I use and sell essential oils, I  cook with organic / local food as much as possible, and have tried many nutrition plans including paleo and gluten free lifestyles,  but have settled on pursuing a more plant based lifestyle for many reasons.  I enjoy gardening and preserving the food I grow.  My degree is in Philosophy so there will be an attempt to bring Thoughtfulness and Openness to all the topics I share.  I look forward to sharing my family's story and having you share your story with me.

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